About ELIZA 

Eliza was born and bred in North Yorkshire, England and is currently training for a BA (Hons) in Acting and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. 


Originally training in classical singing from the age of seven, Eliza transferred these skills to musical theatre in her teenage years doing productions in York and Leeds before taking part in two productions at the York Theatre Royal in 2017 that changed her outlook and motivation. 

During the summer Eliza took part in York Theatre Royal and Pilot Theatre's collaborative project 'Everything is Possible'; The York Suffragettes and played the part of Maeve Sullivan in Blue Stockings. Being surrounded by so many fantastic female creatives making theatre and giving a voice to women's stories not yet heard inspired Eliza to create the blog series 'Deeds Not Words'; Women who Inspire in the Arts and Politics, hosting interviews with women in the industry and sharing them on a platform. 

This motivated Eliza to become a creative in her own right and now works as an actor, singer, director, writer and photographer in Liverpool. It also encouraged Eliza to found Out The Attic Productions where she is the Artistic Director, making a platform for other women to do the same. 


My Latest Projects


It's a Fair Cop 

Eliza's writing debut is currently in the early stages of development. Based on the life experiences of a female police officer in 1980s Yorkshire. Beth has hopes to stage the play in 2021. 



Following the success of Out The Attic's Storyteller Socials in the UK and America, the company opened it's debut production in December 2019.

‘Six girls. One week in Ibiza. Similar differences. ‘...that’s what she said’ is a brand new piece of theatre that explores what it means to be a woman in 2019. Devised based on real life experiences of the cast, the play opens the conversations on sisterhood and race in a modern way.


Eliza and Sophie Reisner have recently launched a new Instagram platform, @fooffriends, a space for vagina owners to celebrate their power, a #FoofSelfLuvClub if you will! Ft. real life stories, artwork that 

celebrates the foof in all its diverse glory and encourages open conversations on all things punani! ​

Foof Friends